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Product Manifesto

Jolie offers the highest-quality brands with an uncompromising attitude to friends of ecological cosmetics:

1. Finding

We search relentlessly for new, current products and series for our vibrant and ever-evolving Jolie selection. Our team is brimming with passionate natural cosmetics enthusiasts. We scour the world day and night to find the most interesting and individual organic cosmetics series that perfectly fit and complement our selection.

We strive to cater to all kinds of skin types and tones as well as possible, to men and women of all ages. Our interest homes in on edgy and individual brands that offer authentic high quality and are pleasurable to use. In the end, only a small percentage of all the products that are offered to us get to join our Jolie collection.

2. Controlling

Our screening process is extremely meticulous. When considering new products or series, we always start by going through the ingredients, and, should they not match our criteria, the process stops right there. We require purity, naturalness, and high-quality ingredients from our selection. The ingredients must be stated openly, and the INCI lists may include only legally approved natural cosmetics components. 

We are also interested in the stories, backgrounds, and procedures behind the series. With us, genuineness and content always trump commercial aspects!

3. Testing

The newcomers land in the hands of our tough test groups. Here at Jolie, we test everything ourselves. In addition, our test groups include independent, experienced, and competent cosmetics experts and consumers from all age groups. While acknowledging that not all products are suitable for everyone, the surest way for a product to make it into our selection is to have the majority of the testers over-the-moon happy and arguing over who gets to use the rest of the test sample. In addition to naturalness, we value a thoroughly delightful user experience including the aesthetics, scents, ease of use, and – most of all – the effectiveness and results.

4. Training

Our product manager familiarises herself meticulously with all newcomers and makes sure that the entire Jolie team gets all the necessary information about the products. We strive to sell and serve with the best possible expertise and help our customers with any and all questions about organic skincare. We share our best knowledge about the products in our selection with honesty and pride.

Here at Jolie, we genuinely know how to couple the new products with our established selection appropriately and to tailor to our customers the world’s most effective and enchanting individualized cosmetics collection.