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Co-operation with Jolie

Do you have a blog, a vlog or a website where you would see space for Jolie’s brand and products? Are you interested in 100% pure and effective natural cosmetics?

Jolie is known for exceptionally good and uncompromising eco-certified natural cosmetics. At Jolie we value quality and luxury – with a hint of Parisian elegance. You can trust in the purity of our products. Jolie is French and means pretty, nice, charming, wonderful, beautiful and other synonyms that describes all the different nuances of beauty. Jolie’s goal is to bring that speciality to the spotlight, that too many women forget they represent.

We work together with eg. media, blogs, companies and organizations. We are open to all kind of opportunities that would help us spread the love message of natural cosmetics. Our average customer is 30 years old woman with lifestyle of health and sustainability (LOHAS).

If you are interested in to co-operate with us, please send email to Hanna at

Affiliate marketing

Our affiliate program is a good opportunity to co-operate with us with advertising links and banners. Our commission model has three steps and is rewarding. Our commissions start from 8% and our average order amount is 90€. You will get a payment from every order that is made through an affiliate link or banner on your website.


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