Oily skin generally has a thick structure and enlarged pores. The skin secretes a lot of sebum, as the sebum glands are overactive for one reason or another, or they are in “overdrive”. Oily skin usually pushes up blackheads and other impurities. Sometimes oiliness appears in certain areas of the face, sometimes on the whole face, and sometimes on skin elsewhere on the body.

Oily skin can be divided into two subtypes: 1) oily, which does not show any dryness, and 2) dry, the surface of which is dry and even flaky. When caring for both kinds at home, it is important to avoid products which dry out your skin too much, as these could cause an inverse reaction and make your skin produce more sebum. You should not over-treat your skin, but neither should you go without moisturising it, as in both cases the skin will become unbalanced and secrete more sebum.

The reason for oily skin could be genetic. Other factors could also cause oily skin: problems with digestion and the digestive tract, hormones, and incorrect skin treatment habits.

Care products for oily skin

Natural cosmetics are a wonderful alternative for caring for oily skin, as they offer powerful products that are sufficiently gentle cleansers. When oily skin is washed with ingredients that are not too strong, sebum secretion has the opportunity to calm down. Your skin is able to restore its own defence mechanism and, with time, can regain its balance.  Natural cosmetics do not contain plastics, for example, meaning your skin can breathe naturally. This is particularly important for clogged skin.

A wide variety of options can be suitable cleansing products for oily skin, depending on its condition: for example, the double cleansers popular now, consisting of cleansing oil and foam, mild cleansing gels and foams, and cleansing milks, oils and creams. Whether your oily skin shows signs of dryness should also influence the cleansing product you choose.

It’s a good idea to use toner in the morning and evening, as oily skin needs a lot of watery moisture. Toner can be cleansing, pore-reducing or clarifying, for example. The best toner for morning cleansing is micellar water.

Good candidates for serums for oily skin are cleansing, clarifying products with a water-like consistency, on top of which you apply a thin layer of emulsion. For the night-time, you can choose a facial oil with a thin consistency which balances the skin’s sebum production.

You should tailor the care of the skin round your eyes to the condition of this area’s skin. In people with oily skin, the skin round the eyes is a lot thinner than elsewhere on the face and so may be dry. For many people, one suitable combination is the use of a lighter, clarifying and refreshing eye area gel in the mornings and the use of a creamier caring cream in the evenings.

Oily skin should be scrubbed once or twice a week. To ensure the optimal result, we recommend using both a scrub with particles and a clarifying, fruit-acid scrub in alternating layers. After scrubbing, and no less frequently than once a week, use a cleansing mask, but one that doesn’t dry your skin out too much.

Other care tips for oily skin

Oily skin benefits from regular treatment by a cosmetologist, so it’s worth investing in regular visits to a professional. If necessary, you can have a manual skin cleanse done on oily skin: this cleanses pores deep down. The treatment uses cleansing products, while not neglecting moisturising. Professionals also often use specialised products, and, in addition, a cosmetologist can give suitable advice on caring for your skin at home. We recommend visiting a professional about once a month.

When caring for oily skin, you should focus on balancing the skin’s sebum production. Products which contain the word “balancing” are usually an easy and correct choice.

Product tips for oily skin

For cleansing, you can choose a mild gel that reduces pores effectively, such as the Amala Purifying Gel Cleanser. Especially if your skin is of the dry oily type, we recommend a cleansing emulsion, which is a milder option for the skin. However, make sure that the cleansing milk rinses off the skin entirely and that it cleanses sufficiently powerfully. Try Sievä from Mia Höytö Cosmetics, for example. Double cleansing is also a great choice.  Two makers of quality products are available from the Patyka and In Fiore brands. It’s a good idea to first apply the cleansing product to your face while dry, and then start cleansing using water or a cleansing or muslin cloth.

For a toner you should choose a light, balancing option such as Pai Rice Plant & Rosemary Tonic, Patyka Witch Hazel Water Toning Lotion or the clarifying Whamisa Refresh Toner. The Uma toner also clarifies and is a great choice for skin types prone to oiliness, and possibly to impurities.


When moisturising oily skin, the best option is a very light, water-consistency serum, and a thin, fluid toner. In the evening, it is often enough to apply just a few drops of face oil with a consistency that is not too dense. Of serums, we recommend the Absolution Le Sérum Anti-Soif Hydrating Serum, which moisturises very effectively without clogging up the skin. Another excellent choice is the Whamisa Sebum Treatment, which is not a traditional serum but is suitable for applying before cream to reduce the skin’s sebum production. One oil we recommend is the Mel Millis Phytonutri Rose & Pomegranate Rebalance Face Oil, or, alternatively, the Absolution Addiction Facial Oil Serum, which are light and are absorbed well by the skin.

The skin round the eyes can sometimes be dry in people with oily skin, particularly if it is not treated with sufficiently effective products. If there is no particular dryness, a gel-like, moisturising or clarifying product is usually the best option. For example, the Patyka Energising Eye Gel or the Sóley Birta Lift & Glow Eye Gel are enough to prevent dryness and the early signs of ageing.

Products which suit scrubbing of oily skin include the Amala Purifying Face Polish or the Absolution Gommante. A post-scrubbing cleansing face mask, such as the Amala Purifying Clay Mask, Captain Blankenship Mermaid Detox Mask or the Absolution Le Soin Purifiant Face Mask, calms the skin. A clarifying mask is also sometimes a nice change for skin prone to oiliness, for example before a party, when your skin needs to look a little brighter. The perfect “Cinderella” mask is the Kypris Glow Philtre Mask.