Listen up, anyone out there who’s looking for natural perfumes – here are Jolie’s Top 5 bestsellers. There’s no more classic gift than a fragrance, and natural scents are very du jour right now. When we recently opened Jolie Beauty Shop in the fancy new Kämp Garden in central Helsinki, our earliest customers were asking for just that.

There are loads of unnatural and chemically treated materials in the synthetic ingredients of conventional fragrances, like various toxins, benzene derivatives, acetates, aldehydes and toluene. Some of these are even classified as hazardous waste. These particular ingredients can lead to hypersensitivity, affect the nervous system, or cause hormonal disturbances. More and more of our customers have been telling us that suddenly they can’t wear conventional fragrances any more, for various reasons.

Honoré des Prés VAMP à NY

1. Honoré des Prés – Vamp à NY

The wonderful, individualistic perfumes from the Honoré des Prés stable have won over many devotees. Jolie’s bestselling scent is the edgy, chic, urban femme fatale’s fragrance Vamp à NY, an intoxicating cocktail served up in a New York-style recycled cardboard take-out coffee cup. It has great lasting power for a natural perfume.

2. Abel – Golden Neroli

Golden Neroli is the most popular Abel scent. Of all the brand’s fragrances, it’s the most floral – but in a modern way, with a light touch. Opening on a luscious neroli/matcha tea accord, this soft, delicate and feminine scent then mellows with ylang-ylang and sandalwood. Golden Neroli is a light fragrance that doesn’t linger on the skin.

3. Abel – White Vetiver

The overall impression is of a fresh “wood scent”. Initial notes of citrus and mint are gradually transcended by palmarosa, vetiver and a hint of vanilla. It’ll appeal to those who like classic, elegant fragrances, and it’s perfect both for everyday wear and more festive occasions. Men can wear it too.

Abel White Vetiver

4. Neal’s Yard Remedies – Frankincense

Eau de Parfum Frankincense is a soft, soothing and warming fragrance made from a blend of natural essential oils of flowers and plants that lift your spirits. Top notes include lime, neroli, bergamot and pink pepper, while frankincense, lavender and Spanish marjoram make up the heart notes. The base notes are patchouli, vetiver oil, myrrh and balsam.

5. Honoré des Prés – Love Coconut

Honoré des Prés Love Coconut is a fresh, sensual and exotic fragrance. Among other ingredients, this soft and summery scent blends coriander leaves and seeds with coconut milk and white cedar.