Choosing a blush can be difficult, but when the shade is right, you are easily hooked. The right shade invigorates the skin and makeup and creates a new, bright look. In addition, blush also shapes and highlights facial features and puts the finishing touches on makeup, on regular weekdays as well!

Jolie Beauty’s range offers a wide variety of cream, pressed and powder blushes. There are both matte options as well as blushes with various degrees of shimmer finishes. A cream blush is ideal for ageing and/or dry skin, because it does not highlight the dryness or the lines of the skin. A cream blush also brings a fresh glow and youthfulness to the skin even without shimmer.

Blush can be applied using a blush brush or your fingers. If you wish, you may use makeup sponges or beautyblenders. Brushes specifically designed to apply cream blushes are also available. Cream blushes easily double as lipstick, which is a handy tip when travelling, for example.

The undertone of your skin and your hair colour matter when looking for the perfect shade. If your tones are cool, a blush shade from the cooler end of the scale will create a natural, elegant finish. Those with golden locks and freckles should go for warmer, peachier shades of coral and other yellowish hues.

You can always play around if you need a bit of an edge or contrast. The trendy ones can also keep up with the trending shades. In terms of makeup trends, the place where blush is applied also varies: should it be traditionally brushed lightly across the top of your cheekbones, blending gradually towards the brow bones, or should it be patted more towards the middle of the face, near the bridge of the nose? Do not be afraid to test out different things. Which texture, shade, technique and place works best for your face or the makeup of the day? Below are some individual tips on how to choose the right blush shade:

For a cool beauty – Happy, Rosa, Pink:

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush Happy was named the best blush by Finnish beauty editors in 2016! Do not be intimidated by the strong and bright pigment, but lightly brush the colour from the palette to your fingertips and pat onto your face. Cool and fresh – dewy, but matte!

The powder blush Rosa from the Alima Pure range is a luminous, cool shade of pink. The colour is less pure and bright as Kjaer Weis’ Happy, but Rosa includes shimmer.

Rosy cheeks can also be created using Alima’s powder shade Pink, which is a matte, slightly softer shade of pink.

Warm skin

For warm-coloured hair and skin – Above and Beyond, Sun Touched, Desired Glow, Freja, Melon:

Kjaer Weis Above and Beyond gives your face a perfectly fresh shade of coral. The colour appears strong in the palette, but is gentler on the complexion, still enlivening the face beautifully.

Kjaer Weis Sun Touched, on the other hand, brings the gentle warmth of the sun onto your face. The sun theme can also be continued with Kjaer Weis Desired Glow, which is the ideal choice when you cannot decide between a blush and a bronzer. Kjaer Weis cream blushes do not include added glitter.

If you need more golden glow on your skin, the perfect peach with a golden sheen is provided by Alima Pure’s Freja. The richly pigmented, powder mineral blush is easy to apply to achieve the desired effect. For a matte, darker peach for e.g. tanned skin, try Melon in Alima Pure’s colour scale.

Wake-Me-Ups – Happy, Above and Beyond:

Kjaer Weis Happy & Above and Beyond are shades that have been blended relatively little, and their purity invigorates the face and the bright shades react to light. An elegant touch of these colours is enough to wake up and revive your face.

Shimmers – Leigh, Sahara:

Alima Pure’s Leighc is a perfectly easy, lightly rosy shade that is flattering on almost everyone. The shimmering shade creates a beautiful luminosity on the skin, which the Jolie team think is great also on weekdays.

The rose gold Sahara of Alima Pure is a dream come true for friends of a bolder shimmer. Sahara can be used like a highlighting product with an absolutely delightful shade.

For the cautious – Embrace, Apple Blossom, Mimosa, Sweet Coral:

Kjaer Weis Embrace is a cream blush that has a neutral cotton candy colour with some cooler hints. Also suitable for very light skin tones.

Apple Blossom is Alima Pure’s pale pink matte shade, and Mimosa is a pale peach matte shade, which is also ideal particularly for light skin and simple everyday makeup.

Estelle & Thild’s Sweet Coral is an extremely light coral tone. A hint of soft coral shade will brighten up your everyday makeup look just the right.

Alima Pure Blush

Bold and individual – Garnet:

Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Blush Garnet! A deep garnet colour on the cheeks sounds daring, but the shade has long been one of the favourite colours among Jolie’s makeup users, particularly with light-skinned customers. The powder mineral blush has a glowing surface, and the fabulous ruby red hue of Garnet works marvels as an elegant invigorator of skin. The light shimmer provides a slight contrast to the rich pigment of the product, so there is no need to worry about creating a dark, matte slab of colour. Garnet shapes the face and highlights the cheekbones in an exceptionally radiant way. Apply the colour using Alima’s blush brush so that it remains on a small area on the face. Try pairing it with a red lipstick.

Jolie Beauty’s bestsellers – Blossoming, Smile, Pink:

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush Blossoming is the go-to product always and for everyone! If you cannot make up your mind, choose this, because you cannot go wrong. The neutral undertone is a combination of pink and coral.

True to its name, the sheer coral shade of RMS Smile will bring a smile on your face. The product works impeccably on both lips and cheeks.

Alima Pure’s Pink is also a big favourite among our customers. The rosy pink shade especially suits skin with neutral undertones.