Natural hair products are an interesting and current topic. In the old days, natural shampoos and conditioners could lift the hair up for the whole day, and many people have memories which scare them even now. The reason is that natural cosmetics lack plastics and other artificially smoothing fillers, nor has product development long been at the level of being able to offer functional, organic alternatives to artificial smoothing agents. More and more people, however, have a pressing reason for avoiding plastic-containing shampoos: they want to reduce the chemical load on themselves and their environment.

Fortunately, things are different these days! Rahua, which arrives from New York, is a brilliant example of a new type of luxury. The power of Rahua is based on its carefully developed and tested small molecule structure, which makes it possible for the valuable natural oils to penetrate deep into the hair. This luxury oil repairs, strengthens and gives an unbelievable softness without making hair limp. People with oily and heavy hair should choose the brand’s volume-giving products to guarantee that light-as-air feeling.

The secret to the beauty of the native tribe women of the Amazon was for centuries the oil derived from the Rahua nut. The oil is known for its ability to soften, bring shine and soothe irritated scalps. The Amazon Beauty brand behind Rahua wanted to develop the cleanest, most effective and 100% natural mixtures on the market. All Rahua products are vegan, sulphate-free, gluten-free and made from natural ingredients, and they are never tested on animals. Rahua products are also safe for use in children’s hair. In all its operations, Amazon Beauty aims to be ecological, ethical and to preserve the beauty and diversity of the rainforests and the planet.


There was tough competition for which Rahua products to include in the top three, but after a quick coin-toss, we agreed on the Jolie team’s Top 3 list. Here are Jolie’s favourites and the reasons for them.

1.    Rahua Voluminous Shampoo

Rahua’s award-winning Voluminous Shampoo gives hair volume, elasticity and gorgeous lightness. The product is also fantastic for oily hair and scalps. It slows down the production of sebum and can help increase the time needed between washes. The plant-oil based composition does not dry out the scalp. For a natural cosmetics shampoo, it lathers up very well.

The nourishing rahua oil, which contains omega 9 fatty acids, strengthens weak and damaged hair. The quinoa revives and moistens the hair. The lemongrass and green tea remove excess oiliness. The fresh lavender and eucalyptus scents soothe and relax the mind. The shampoo suits all hair types, including coloured hair.

2.    Rahua Finishing Treatment 

Powerful leave-in care for the hair which moisturises and smooths, while also giving form and nutrition without making the hair limp or sticky. This powerful treatment can be used in addition to rinseable conditioner. It also works well as a standalone leave-in conditioner. The caring effect is increased when using the product as a heat protector. The heat from a hairdryer or curler activates the rahua oil by making it an even more effective smoothing and shining agent for the hair. If you frequently use a hair straightener, for example, this product is perfect for you.

3.    Rahua Voluminous Spray

This innovative voluminous spray is alcohol-free and is particularly suitable for a very thin hair. This product is a spray which invigorates the hair’s texture and aroma, giving it natural volume, light structure and hold. Citrus extracts revitalise and freshen the hair and scalp, and help extend the time between washes. Lemongrass brings structure to the hair and helps the hair reform. This spray is worth trying instead of salt sprays, for example, if you feel that salt sprays dry your hair out too much. It can be used with both dry and towel-dried hair. It’s a great, caring fast aid for rushed situations!

Images: Eeva Takkunen