Everybody knows how important sleeping is for our skin and an overall state of mind. We scouted our selection and looked for the perfect products for the time after 10 o’clock news. They prepare your skin and you for a good night sleep and do the magic while you dream.

S.O.S. Treatment - Patyka Intensive Moisturising Mask

Patyka’s moisturising mask has been a Jolie favourite for years, and this product raises its popularity especially during the colder months. The mask is so light-weight that it’s possible (and highly recommended!) to leave it overnight. The mask is an S.O.S. treatment that imparts immediate comfort, softness and radiance. It’s specifically created to meet the urgent needs of dry, dehydrated and tight skin. Hero ingredients are moisturising Avocado Oil, softening Shea Butter, firming Hexapeptide-11 and protecting Algae Extract.

Patyka Intensive Moisturising Mask

Wake up renewed - INARI Sleeping Cream

This innovative night cream helps to repair and renew the skin during your beauty sleep. The luxuriously soft and creamy formula is highly effective to plump and smooth the ageing skin. Includes the youth-enhancing Arctic Blend, which is an antioxidant-rich mix of Rhodiola Rosea Root, Chaga Mushroom, Pine, Cloudberry, Lingonberry, and Arctic Bilberry. Together they work in synergy to diminish fine lines, even out the skin tone and repair the damages caused by UV-rays. Three different types of Hyaluronic Acid are specifically targeted to work on different layers of the skin to keep the skin hydrated and plumped. The cream is ideal for mature skin. Unbalanced combination skin and sensitive skin also find great relief with this cream!

Botanical wonder - Kypris Moonlight Catalyst

Some things are best done under the moon and stars! Moonlight Catalyst is a cocktail of renewing fermented pumpkin enzymes and hydrating botanical extracts that refine and renew your complexion without irritation. It evens the skin tone, helps keep pores clear and diminishes evidence of previous blemishes. This magical serum calms, soothes and plumps the skin to a radiant, glowy result. The gentle formula is free from essential oils to accommodate reactive skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially beneficial for environmentally stressed, mature, acne, or dull skin

Youth enhancing beauty elixir – Leahlani Mahina Evening Replenishing Elixir

Mahina is a bottle of moonlight magic from the rainbow state of Hawaii. The luxurious combination of organic and cold pressed moringa, marula, prickly pear, and chia seed oils together with the time-stopping Co-Enzyme Q10 work in harmony to soften, plump and replenish the skin while dreaming of ten years younger skin. The rich texture of Mahina deeply nourishes even the driest skin. Scented with soft vanilla and sweet citrus, this evening treat leaves the skin supple and dewy. Can be used instead of a night cream.

Lullaby scent - Neal’s Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Body Butter

The beautiful aromatic scent of this rich body butter will wipe all your worries away and prepare you for a peaceful and relaxed state. You are ready to bed! The body butter moisturises the skin extremely well with a blend of natural, organic butters and oils, and vitamin A and E. It can also be used as a foot cream.

Sniff good night - UMA Pure Rest Wellness Oil

UMA’s Pure Rest Wellness Oil works powerfully to relieve night-time restlessness naturally. Created for those looking to thoroughly unwind at bedtime, experience restfulness and support day to night transition, without causing dependence or side effects. UMA's farm-to-bottle wellness blends incorporate centuries of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy wisdom, to help you counter modern ailments. UMA painstakingly extract and handcraft their oils using the most potent, organically grown ingredients – for noticeable improvements in mood, mental balance, and overall health. Use the wellness blends topically, diffuse them in your home or office, or add a few drops to your bath for a sublime sensory experience.

Inari Sleeping Cream