One of this year’s most important (organic) cosmetics launches is here! A French pioneer of organic cosmetics, Patyka, has launched three new product lines = nine entirely new products! The new products’ amazing price-quality ratio will make it easy to take the first step to try out organic cosmetics. They also create a stepping point to the anti-ageing product lines that will still stay in the brand’s focus. The new products offer the essential beauty routine, without compromises. We always say that “the best belongs to everybody”, and Patyka makes that a reality.

Ultra-performing certified organic skincare

Patyka started its organic cosmetics revolution already when selective organic cosmetics wasn’t trendy. It was the first brand to be eco-certified by ECOCERT and showed the way to others. Patyka’s explicit goal is to be one of the world’s leading organic cosmetics brands within a few years. To achieve the goal, they work resiliently, ambitiously and caring even about the smallest details.

The ingredients used in selective organic cosmetics are the most precious things that nature has to offer. The amount of active ingredients is usually high. The products are made in small batches with limited preservatives. Certification processes are demanding. All those things explain the higher price. That’s why high-quality organic cosmetics aren’t always the cheapest option.

Patyka has for years wanted to improve the availability of reasonably priced organic cosmetics, but not to compromise the style, technical performance, comfort of use or interesting ingredients. The most technical and expensive ingredients such as anti-ageing peptides and smallest molecular sized hyaluronic acid have been left out from the new products. Regardless, the new products are packed with very trendy active ingredients: moringa, mineral-rich water from the Mont Blanc glacier, plant ceramides, Silver Ear mushroom, bisabolol, hyaluronic acid, charcoal, prebiotics, green clay, botanical salicylic acid and silica.

Patyka has managed to create great skincare products with competitive prices — to everybody! It’s possible to create a perfect skincare routine without breaking the bank. Let’s meet the stars!

Three essential steps for naturally beautiful skin: clean, hydrate and purify

Patyka CLEAN range

Patyka CLEAN range

CLEAN RANGE – a pink cleansing range




Cleansing your skin is the first essential step for healthy skin. Melting Cleansing Oil removes effectively even waterproof makeup. Vanilla scented soft cleansing oil can be used solely or as a first step of a double cleansing routine with the Detox Cleansing Foam. Finish the ritual by pressing the Soothing Milky Toner with hands into the skin. The toner is alcohol-free and brightening. Oily, combination or acne-prone skin can use the Blemish Toner instead.

Patyka HYDRA range

Patyka HYDRA range

HYDRA RANGE – a blue hydration range




We predict that the Patyka Hydra-Booster Serum will create global hysteria and become this spring’s bestseller in no time! Fruity fresh hydrating serum will restore skin’s natural water balance. Mineral-rich water strengthens and vitalises the skin, Silver Ear mushroom and hyaluronic acid moisturise the skin effectively and bisabolol calms irritated skin. Gel-like texture soaks deep into the skin without creating a sticky feeling. A vegan serum is suitable for every skin type to bring wanted water-based hydration and glow. The beautiful face creams in two different textures finish the routine, and you end up with 100% hydrated skin.

Patyka PURE range

Patyka PURE range

PURE RANGE – a green purifying range




Patyka Anti-Blemish Toner is a minty balancing toner enriched with prebiotics and botanical salicylic acid. It purifies the skin and helps to reduce blemishes. Patyka Matte Perfecting Fluid is a mattifying face cream for combination and oily skin. Its natural silica powder absorbs excess sebum and shine while providing a soft finish. Patyka Detox Charcoal Mask is awaited addition to Patyka’s mask selection! It’s a deeply purifying blemish treatment that absorbs excess sebum and cleanses clogged pores. Green clay and zinc repair and renew the skin. The texture is a non-drying mousse that is easy to wash away.