Organic botanicals, finest natural clays, and precious gemstones

Nazan Schnapp is a beautiful and fresh natural skincare line based in Switzerland. The luxurious natural beauty brand was founded in 2011 by Nazan Schnapp. We were first introduced to Nazan Schnapp in spring 2017 when the brand was still operating under the name Idil Botanicals.

The charm is still as strong as the day we first met – the products are still as stunning and purely effective as ever. Since the very beginning, the brand has placed a high value on natural and only plant-based ingredients while not sacrificing performance. And the heart and soul of the brand, Nazan, truly has an impeccable eye for beauty that is impossible to overlook.

Coming from a family of organic farmers, Nazan has been surrounded by a healthy and natural lifestyle throughout her life. Her roots are in Turkey, where her parents' hometown in the southern parts of the Marmara Sea is known for its therapeutic hot springs. Her background is a significant part of the reason why she is where she is today. Nazan started making her own skincare products already over 20 years ago when she was still a teenager. Even back then she didn't want to settle for anything less than perfectly efficient products of 100% natural origin, and the beauty market wasn't quite offering that. In 2011 she started selling her handcrafted products to the public in her own concept store.

Nazan Schnapp – Whole selection

Don’t let the pretty looks fool you: to ensure high quality every step of the way, starting from research, development, and the production process from start to finish, everything in the skincare line is self-made. Freshly manufactured and handcrafted in small batches in the countryside of Zurich, the picturesque beauty products are a luscious blend of organic botanicals and the finest natural clays, without forgetting the precious gemstones that make the brand even more special.

Behind the light pastel shells of the products, one will find pure and high-performance products that meet the needs of even the most demanding skin. Nazan Schnapp accepts only 100% natural and vegan raw materials in its products, and no fillers or preservatives are used.

Minerals in Nazan Scnhnapp

Minerals in skincare

Minerals are substances necessary for our health and wellbeing, and a mineral deficiency affects, for example, the bones, joints, teeth, hair, nails, and skin. A mineral imbalance may manifest on the skin as different types of irritation, colour changes, or loss of firmness. For example, if the skin suffers from dullness and a slackening of the tissue, adding minerals to the diet and skincare may help.

Mineralisation is an excellent and too often a forgotten way of maintaining the youthfulness, health, and vitality of skin. If necessary, minerals can be taken as supplements from a jar, but in that case one should make sure that the product is clean and well-absorbed. As a long-term solution, green vegetables, high-quality salt, and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) help, as does organic food that has been grown in mineral-rich soil with time and care.

One can also externally feed the skin minerals. In cosmetics, they typically come in the form of high-quality seaweed. Nazan Schnapp is excellent for improving the skin’s mineral balance. Some Nazan products contain rich natural clays and mineral quartzes such as amethyst and rose quartz.

Nazan Schnapp Product Tips

We are very impressed and convinced by the INCI lists of Nazan cleansing products, which include generous amounts of vegetable extracts and organic vegetable oils. Rinse Away Oil Cleanser is born to be a star. The silky texture of this oil-based cleanser purifies, removes makeup, and dissolves daily impurities from the skin. Camellia, sacha inchi, and rice bran oils nourish and protect the skin. This effective oil cleanser leaves the skin radiant, soft, clean, fresh, and moisturised. It is infused with a rose quartz gemstone in each bottle. Suitable for all skin types, great also for sensitive skin.

Nazan Schnapp Detoxing Cleanser

Especially for oily skin with enlarged pores, we recommend double-cleansing with Detoxing Cleanser after the oil, for example every other day. The Detoxing Cleanser is a gentle daily exfoliator that thoroughly cleanses, balances, and hydrates the skin. This cleanser clarifies the skin with fresh fruit enzymes and detoxifies with green French clays. Rosehip powder gently exfoliates, smoothes, and polishes dead skin. The skin will feel and look deeply purified, more even, smoother, and glowing.

Essence Toner is an awesome Asia-inspired mega care product: this product is not just your average toner – it's a treatment essence that embraces your skin with powerful flower waters and plant extracts. It leaves the skin fresh and smooth. The super-hydrating formula is loaded with antioxidant-rich, natural humectants gotu kola, rose de mai, peony, and hibiscus. Rose quartz enhances the skin cells and encourages a natural renewal process. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. (Available in two sizes: 50 ml and 100 ml.)

Nazan Schnapp Celestine Facial Oil Roller

Nazan Schnapp has three different facial oils, each available in the form of a 30 ml bottle and a 10 ml roller. We fell in love with the sky-blue Celestine, which is a balancing oil serum, especially beneficial for acne-prone, irritated, and oily skin. Celestine facial oil is a calming oil serum and a moisturizer in one. It is made with 100% natural and pure plant ingredients to soothe blemish-prone skin. This azulene-rich facial oil is formulated with organically wild-crafted blue tansy and organic oils and extracts of yarrow, camellia, rice, rose otto, and chamomile.