The long-awaited sun is finally here! Natural sunscreens are the hottest product group in natural cosmetics in the summer months. Despite its loveliness, summer also sparks the debate about the harmful effects of the sun and the growth of severe skin diseases. Although we are well-aware of the downsides of the sun, we spend most of the year in darkness and deserve to enjoy the few months of sunshine – with the appropriate protection, of course.

Natural cosmetic sunscreens are plastic-free and use physical filters instead of the controversial chemical UV filters. They do not disrupt hormones in the body and do not contain nanoparticles.

Mádara’s novelty sunscreens score ten out of ten!

The Jolie team has been especially excited this spring about Mádara’s new sunscreens whose excellence is one of the best news of the spring. One of Mádara’s new launches is Mádara Anti-Pollution CC Cream with an SPF of 15. The light day foundation has a beautifully blendable texture, which leaves the skin feeling pleasant and non-sticky without creating obvious boundaries. The coverage of the CC cream is somewhere between light and medium, and it can be used on its own or over a moisturizing product. If you need more coverage in addition to the cream, brush Absolution's new concealers under the eyes and on red areas. Control shine using Alima Pure's foundation.

Madara sunscreens

The CC cream is available in two shades: light beige is suitable for extremely light and light skin tones while medium beige is for slightly tanned or medium-light skin. We found that medium beige is also a surprisingly light shade, clearly designed while keeping in mind users with a Nordic skin tone. If necessary, we recommend an even higher SPF for sunscreens applied to the face.

Another novelty from Mádara is Mádara Plant Stem Cell Age-Defying Face Sunscreen. This face sunscreen has an SPF of 30 and is also lightly tinted. However, the product is not a foundation like the CC cream, and the shade does not necessarily work as makeup. The purpose of the shade is to fade away the lightness that mineral filters sometimes leave on the skin. The product also very slightly evens out skin, only so subtly that this antioxidant-rich sunscreen is also perfect for men who do not want to wear any visible makeup on their face. The product has a pleasant texture that absorbs quickly.

The third Mádara novelty for the summer of 2018 is a sunscreen for the body: Mádara Plant Stem Cell Antioxidant Body Sunscreen SPF30. The silky texture makes the product easy to apply and it is invisible on the skin, not leaving the skin feeling greasy. In terms of texture, the product is an amazing success! The mild, fresh and summery fragrance completes the lovely experience. As is typical with natural cosmetics, the innovative sunscreen delivers a hefty dose of antioxidants to the skin to fight against premature ageing.


Best-selling sun product favourites from last summer 

1. Algamaris – tinted face day cream

The greatest hit of last summer in terms of face sunscreen products was the Algamaris tinted face day cream with an SPF of 30. Choose this if you want some colour but need a higher SPF than in Mádara's CC cream. Here, medium is a clearly darker shade than Mádara's medium, whereas light is somewhere between Mádara’s light and medium.  Algamaris can also be used as a light foundation, but it provides a slightly lighter coverage than Mádara's new CC.

2. Algamaris sunscreen for children

Algamaris sunscreen for children is also suitable for sun-sensitive adult skin. Available in two sizes: 50 ml or 100 ml. Very high SPF 50+.

3. Algamaris sprays

Algamaris sprays are suitable for the face and body and have a lovely, extremely fluid texture which makes them easy to apply. With an SPF of 30, the spray has a mildly sweet fragrance, which most people find irresistibly delicious. All Algamaris sprays with an SPF of 50 are entirely unscented. The sprays absorb well and are as invisible as is possible for untinted mineral protection products.