The Hawaiian organic makeup line Leahlani Skincare is here and will transform skincare routines into delightful rituals. Blended from organic plant extracts, clay and tropical oils, the sensual, exclusive skincare products are prepared in a small studio on the North Shore of Kauai Island. The products are made entirely by hand: the luxurious creations are blended and placed in jars in small batches and dispatched weekly to guarantee freshness.

Inspired by the Hawaiian tropics and Mother Nature, Leahlani's journey began when founder of the brand Leah Klasovsky wanted to put an end to her prolonged struggle with acne. Leah felt that her body was out of balance. She understood that one of the reasons for this was the past lifestyle choices that she had made. Destiny drove Leah to pack her bags with her husband and move her entire life from Kauai to Maui. One of the main drivers of the move was a cosmetician school on the island, where Leah wanted to go to learn the inner secrets of skincare. However, the experience put her life on a whole new track and there was no going back.

During the years spent on Maui, Leah immersed herself in the world of skincare, soaking in as much knowledge as she could. On her return to Kauai, she founded her own private practice. Encountering a wide range of people and skins proved to be a more valuable lesson than anything that she had learned before. She realized that each face that she met had a story to tell: faces, and their skin, longed to be heard. At the same time, she noticed that the people behind the faces were also searching for new ways to care for their skin. Inspired by this, Leah set off to create a skincare line with the ultimate purpose of transforming skincare routines into rituals. Leahlani Skincare is an invitation to experience a new way to care for yourself: you can fall in love with your skincare routine each time you open a jar.

Leahlani Bless Beauty Balm

The name Leahlani consists of two elements: it is a combination of the founder's name and the Hawaiian word "lani", meaning heaven. And this is exactly what Leahlani products are: a small piece of Hawaiian heaven. The silky texture of the authentic beauty products, the pure tropical aromas and the soft colour scheme inspired by Hawaiian nature will guarantee that each time you use the products will be a festival for the senses. The stunning fragrances will take you to a world of serenity and bliss that fill the senses. Satiated with rich, luxurious ingredients, the jars are filled with plant-based magic and genuine Hawaiian aloha. The very first touch of Leahlani will whisk you away to a deserted beach without a care in the world.