Kypris is loved and embraced by the gurus of natural cosmetics. And for a very good reason, may we add. Not only is the brand delivering its every promise, Kypris takes you to a luxurious trip into ancient Greek and the products make find your inner goddess. Inspired from Aphrodite, the brand is putting mythical beauty and intrinsic feminity into their unique range that combines soul with science and nature.

Kypris was launched in 2012. The brand is based on the truth that feeling beautiful is a birth right to everyone. The founder Chase Polan highlights that beauty is far beyond the externalized goal. It is a spiritual experience of love, pleasure, and acceptance. Kypris is a praise for feminity and sensuality initiated by the belief that beauty is created by beauty. The brand offers tools for self-care rituals and enhances the wonderful experience of being you.

Kypris is a science-driven natural skincare brand. Its luxurious line of holistic and sensual products is made from organic, all-natural, wild-crafted ingredients. The brand comes from Scottsdale, Arizona and its current portfolio includes healing, moisturising and brightening beauty elixirs, radiance and smoothing serums, and effective and exfoliating masks and a cleanser that is out of this world. All formulations are 100% nature-derived, scented and preserved with essential oils and plant extracts. The high-performing, sustainably grown botanicals provide gorgeous results and beautiful experience. From the first touch, Jolie Team fell in love with the products. Here are a few of our favourites:

1. Kypris Cleanser Concentrate:

This concentrated cleanser made us gasp with excitement. The creamy, non-foaming texture is a dream to apply and has a cooling effect that is perfect for calming any inflammation or redness. It removes daily impurities and dissolves congestions while leaving your skin hydrated, ideally cleansed and glowing. The gentle, yet effective, formula that suits all skin types includes probiotics, vitamin-rich Moringa, wild-crafted Prickly Pear, and nourishing Baobab. The blend soothes irritated skin making it calm and soft.

2. Kypris Antioxidant Dew Serum:

This serum is a true miracle worker. It restores hydration, vitality, and radiance and its featherweight, non-greasy texture is ideal for experienced, environmentally stressed, acne-prone, or imbalanced skin. The magic-like formula neutralises the effects of everyday exposure to environmental aggressors and helps your skin to maintain its youthfulness. Waltheria indica brightens the appearance of dull skin and calms redness. Tamunu, on the other hand, repairs the appearance of past blemishes and enhances cellular renewal. Phospholipid encapsulated superoxide dismutase, vitamins C & E, and an array of botanicals challenge free radicals and nourish the skin barrier. This multi-action serum can be used as a moisturiser or as a potent serum, depending on the needs of your skin.

3. Kypris Glow Philtre Mask:

With this mask, it was love at first sight. Glow Philtre makes you glow and not only because the mask itself has freckles of glitter on it. It can be used both as a hydrating exfoliation before makeup or as a weekly indulgence to maintain poreless skin, smooth texture, and a vibrant luminosity. Formulated with gently exfoliating pomegranate pith enzymes, softening extracts of sea fennel stem cells and sea algae, with ultra-hydrating silver ear mushroom to revitalise skin’s surface. This treatment mask works like magic leaving your skin soft, bright and vibrantly glowing. You can leave the mask on skin for up to 20 minutes and use up to three times per week to prep your skin for makeup application or encourage renewal and luminosity.