Bestseller Blossoming got a cool new sister, Reverence

One of the long-time bestsellers in Jolie’s product range is the Kjaer Weis cream blush Blossoming – it’s great for every person and every occasion! Being a neutral combination of pink and coral shades, Blossoming suits many tastes. In their midsummer 2018 collection, Kjaer Weis launched Blossoming’s much awaited sister shade, Reverence. Reverence is a beautiful pink with a light tinge of blue; a cooler version of Blossoming. The colour is particularly stunning on light to medium skin. It freshens, boosts and highlights its wearer’s own cool tones in a wonderful way.

This Kjaer Weis blush’s easy-to-use, creamy consistency blends smoothly onto the skin and creates a light blush effect. Cream blushes are a perfect option for more mature or dry skin because they do not highlight the skin’s dryness or fine lines. In addition, a cream blush is excellent for giving the skin a youthful glow and freshness without a pearly component.

New from Kjaer Weis

Generosity – intense eye shadow and brow powder

The midsummer collection also includes a new eyeshadow, Generosity. Generosity is a dark greyish-brown hybrid shade that can be used both as an eyeshadow and a brow powder. It is a cooler and darker version of Kjaer Weis’ eyeshadow Earthy Calm. Its silky texture makes it easy to blend and guarantees a smooth result. The high-pigment product is easy to build up if you want a more intensive colour. It is moisturizing and gentle for the skin. Generosity can be used as a dry powder or with a moist brush, and you can also use it as an eyeliner. 

The stylish Faded lip pencil is a perfect match for the Affection hit lipstick

Last September, Kjaer Weis launched the brand’s first make up pens in New York. Now this collection of stylish white pencils that produce intense colours gains three additional shades. Kjaer Weis’ newest lip pencil – Faded – is a welcome addition. The slightly faded shade of red is a perfect match for Kjaer Weis’ hit lipstick, Affection, and lip tint Passionate. The beautifully understated Faded shade can also be used by itself as a part of nude or everyday looks if you want to highlight your lips.

Kjaer Weis’ lip liners are soft and pleasant to use. They are intensely pigmented, making it easy to achieve clean-cut lip make-up results. With the help of lip pencils, you can also get lipsticks to stay on longer. The high-quality plant-based materials used in the pencils keep your lips soft and moisturized. The pencils are made from the best natural, organic-quality ingredients, so they are well-suited for sensitive skin and the thin skin around the eyes and mouth. In addition to being make-up products, these ones also act as efficient high-quality skincare.


Kjaer Weis Eye Pencil Blue & Purple

The new shades of the Kjaer Weis eye liner range offer tons of possibilities for creating playful styles! The new Blue is a beautiful dark blue shade. Try it instead or on top of a black eyeliner to create a softer look and to add a new, interesting twist. The Purple shade, on the other hand, is a slightly red-tinged aubergine colour that is a perfect combination, for example, with green eyes. The pencils are packed with pigments and produce a beautiful satin finish.