If the season of high humidity causes unwanted oiliness to your skin, you should try the lightweight Iroisie creams. They give great value for your money and are perfect moisturisers for the autumn breeze. Iroisie creams contain algae that treat sun damage and rehydrate skin, without feeling greasy. They improve the skin’s resilience and adaptability, as well as boosting its inbuilt protective barrier. They can be recommended for skin that reacts easily because their soothing properties will restore its balance. All Iroisie creams boast the same consistency, which is deeply moisturising and pleasantly light, without being at all greasy or oily. Their formula is thoroughly absorbed into the skin so it rehydrates incredibly efficiently, while also calming pimples and irritation without drying out the surface. There are three different day creams (which can also be used as night creams) plus a soft night cream.

This quick guide explains what’s behind their French names:

Premier Soin Anti-Age a la Lavande – Iroisie’s lightest cream for young, combination, or acne-prone skin

The Lavender cream has a light and soothing consistency. Its main ingredient, lavender, is softening, relieving inflammations and easing any hormonal imbalance in the skin.  Arnica stimulates blood flow, while algae extract brings cleansing, protective and moisturising properties. This is an ideal day cream for normal or combination skin that needs balance and calm comfort. Its lavender fragrance isn’t too pronounced – more of a subtle, sophisticated light violet scent that soon dissipates after application. This cream is great for young skin but also suits people around 30 who want to forestall and treat the earliest signs of ageing.

Soin Botanique Lissant Anti Rides – A dose of ultra-effective, non-greasy rehydration

In what we call our botanical cream, the headline ingredients are deeply nourishing avocado, cornflower to calm and soothe, and the same algae extract as in the lavender cream. This cream is very sheer, almost liquid-like, but extremely hydrating, calming and effective. That’s down to the algae because they lock in incredible amounts of moisture and reinforce the skin's own protective mechanisms. With a lovely marine fragrance and a fresh minty note, this cream makes a great pick for anyone in need of an effective skin saver with anti-ageing properties – without being at all greasy or giving you a shiny complexion. In summer, precious algae in the formula repair sun damage and any dryness in combination skin, while maintaining your complexion’s balance and glow. This cream is ideal for tired-looking and thick skin, as well as for enlarged pores. It’s also suitable for sensitive complexions and skin with rosacea.

Iroisie creams

Soin Fermeté a l’Abricot – Nourishment for thirsty, mature and tired skin

The apricot cream has the richest consistency of all the Iroisie creams, although it’s still quite light. Its key ingredients are apricot – which is nourishing, high in antioxidants and delivers an anti-ageing effect – combined with calming, rehydrating aloe vera and the finest quality algae from the Iroise Sea. Even this ultra-effective cream designed for dry, mature or tired skin is non-greasy and not at all heavy – it simply dissolves into the skin, leaving a silky smooth surface without any oily residue whatsoever. The apricot cream has a fresh and appealing fragrance. It improves the skin’s firmness and elasticity, delivering long-lasting rehydration while also strengthening and repairing thirsty and irritated skin.

Baume Réparateur Relipidant Nuit – Nightly care that repairs and restores balance to the skin's protective barrier

If you’re looking for a restorative and renewing night cream, then Baume Réparateur Relipidant Nuit, our nighttime repairing and rehydrating balm, is for you. The main ingredients of this gentle night cream are calming and restful cornflower, Iroisie's precious algae, and sunflower, which nourishes, rehydrates, and helps maintain the skin’s moisture balance. The cream’s restorative properties can also be of benefit on chapped lips and in the area around the eyes. The night cream is ideal after a windy and sunny summer’s day, restoring balance to all the skin's functions and contributing to its natural wellbeing. The night cream has a gentle, calming fragrance.

We recommend using a toner to suit your skin type under the moisturising cream.