What is water cream? 

Modern water cream is a moisturizing cream containing only little or no oils. New water creams are constantly being launched onto the global cosmetic market, because packing water into skin is at the moment in. Their formula is thin, fluidic, pleasant and a mixture of cream and gel. They absorb quickly and improve efficiently the moisture balance of the skin. As the moisture level of the skin rises, the skin starts to look fresh and healthy, young and glowing. Water cream moisturizes intensively without blocking the pores or increasing the shine. This is the reason why especially people with greasy and mixed skin types prefer to use water creams. They are excellent also for the skin care of warm and moist seasons.

Check the active ingredients 

Water alone in the water cream does not help to moisturize the skin, which makes the term "water cream" a little misleading. When purchasing a water cream (or any other cosmetic product), you should examine closely the active ingredients of the INCI list. The array of active ingredients is wide, and they differ in quality and quantity. For example, a very trendy active ingredient in water creams is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture in the skin, smooths wrinkles and causes a plumping effect. The natural shield of a well-moisturized skin improves, and the skin will become more resistant and more balanced.

INARI Water Cream

INARI Water Cream

Why INARI Water Cream? 

Finnish INARI Water Cream contains European hyaluronic acid of excellent quality in three different molecular size and valuable Arctic Blend herb extract. Arctic Blend is made of cloudberry, lingonberry, bilberry, chaga mushroom, pine bark and roseroot, which have effective antioxidant influences. INARI Water Cream helps to repair unbalances in the skin, because it moisturizes and heals skin effectively. The INARI version of water creams is rich and caring, with a hint of oils. It is especially suitable for ageing skin and it can be used to revitalize skin as an intensive cure after a warm summer. The high quality of the cream can be easily seen and felt on the skin. The scent is mild and fresh.

How to use water cream?

It should be remembered that all skin types need water moisturizing. Without sufficient water moisture, the skin might struggle to maintain its moisture balance and stay healthy. Most skin types also need fat, such as in richer creams or oils in daily use or every now and then as a cure. Water moisturizers are always used underneath richer formulae. If you choose water cream for water moisturizing, you can use a serum or a toner underneath to create a more intensive effect. 

INARI Water Cream is a perfect solution also for those not wanting to own a vast array of creams. It can be used as such, because as a water cream, it is considerably rich and works well both as a night and a day cream. For ageing and especially a sun-kissed skin, we recommend adding superpowers by selecting INARI Lifting Serum underneath the cream.