As the summer comes closer, it is time to raise Alima Pure’s makeup base in its worthy place. Our team favourite  Satin Matte Foundation is the product of the month in April. Nearly everyone who has tested it likes it. We daily surprise also those customers who haven’t been closest friends to mineral makeup before. There is no one in the Jolie team regardless of skin type who wouldn’t use Satin Matte Foundation regularly, which is a clear sign of its excellence. Not a single other product causes the same kind of agreement in our team which nowadays has grown quite big already.  This makeup base has 2000 customer reviews in Alima Pure’s US webshop – and a full five stars. Next, a few reasons why. 

High-class texture and perfect coverage

The coverage in Alima’s makeup base is excellent but easily adjustable. It can be used as a powder to fix makeup or locally control shine. When desired, you can create a full coverage base with it. The texture tolerates working on skin faultlessly without the result looking thick or cakey. The base blends perfectly on the skin, and skin immediately becomes even and fresh. Sometimes the textures of mineral makeup make skin blurry, and makeup a bit too heavy. Alima has excellent coverage that still leaves skin lively and luminous. 

Huge range of shades

Alima’s foundation is available in 45 different shades so everyone can no doubt find the one shade for both summer and winter. Jolie provides 39 different Alima Satin Matte Foundation shades. The shade is picked based on your skin’s depth and undertone. Read more about choosing the right shade here. Jolie’s most sold shades are Neutral 2 and Beige 2. The next most popular ones are Beige 3 and Warm 3 and on the third place are Olive 0 and Warm 4. 

Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation

Oil-free makeup base also suits difficult skin

Nourishing quality mineral pigments does good for skin. Alima’s Satin Matte Foundation’s INCI is minimalistic. It contains only high-quality mineral pigments without any additives. The makeup base doesn’t clog pores or provoke sebum production or hormonal imbalance. The minerals of Alima’s makeup base calm spots and inflammations on impure skin. Those with very dry skin use a little bit of oil under the foundation. Oil adds the comfort of using powder texture and makes it melt beautifully on the skin giving a luminous look. 

Reliable long-wear foundation with a light UV filter

The natural mineral pigments provide skin with a light UV filter when the first sunny days show up to tickle pale winter skin. Due to its light and oil-free texture the Satin Matte Foundation is perfect as a warm season’s foundation.  It doesn’t pile up in wrinkles, stain clothes or vanish from face even during a long day. 

Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation