With our little guide, you can find the correct shade of Alima Pure’s super popular foundation powder. Alima only has one base product, which is suitable for all skin types. It has a very wide range of shades and it offers a finish with which even a demanding user will be pleased!

Satin Matte Foundation is Alima Pure’s award winning mineral foundation powder. It is easy to layer so you can modify the coverage it gives. The silkily smooth powder feels like you have nothing on your skin and allows your skin to breathe. Minerals do your skin good, and skin usually gets better when using clean mineral products. Satin Matte Foundation is oil-free and has natural sunscreen, making it perfect for summer.

The powder foundation is suitable for all skin types, fading out pores and wrinkles. It is easy to layer and has a very durable consistency which gives your face a fairly matte, naturally radiant coverage that stays beautiful all day long. With a small amount you can even out your skin tone and with layering, you can build coverage as much as you wish. You can also use it as powder and apply it with precision to those areas that need more coverage or less shine.

Alima Pure foundation

Guide to choosing the correct shade

Step one: choose the depth of colour

  • Start by choosing the correct depth of colour. The shades start from 0 which represents the lightest tone available.
  • Shades 0-1 are for those who are very fair.
  • Shade 2 is for those who usually choose the lightest or second lightest shade for their foundation. Fair but with a bit of colour. 
  • 3 is a light-to-medium shade, often a perfect summer shade for a slightly sun-kissed skin.
  • Shades 4 and 5 suit those with a medium colour or very tanned skin.
  • Shade 6 is on the border of medium and deep.
  • Please note that the Olive-line shades are slightly deeper than the shades in other lines.

Step two: choose the correct undertone

  • Choose the undertone that best matches your skin:
  • Cool is best suited for skin that has a cool, reddish base.
  • Warm skin tones are those with a warm, yellow base.
  • Neutral is always a safe choice if you are unsure about which undertone is correct. It is suited for all tones that are not clearly red- or yellow-based.
  • Beige is a neutral but slightly warm – that is to say red – skin tone. Clearly more neutral than cool.
  • Olive is a neutral but slightly olive-coloured skin tone – meaning it has a yellow base. Clearly more neutral than warm. 

Step three: the brush does matter

To ensure an even and covering finish, it is important to choose the right brush. Alima Pure has two high-quality mineral powder foundation brushes that you can choose from, based on the finish you are hoping to achieve:

Foundation Brush gives light to medium coverage.

Flat Top -brush is perfect for achieving a full coverage.

How to use mineral powder foundation

Tap a small amount of the powder on the lid and spin your brush on the lid. Apply the powder in light, round movements on your face. Apply more powder slowly to achieve the coverage you want.

By using a smaller brush, for example the Alima concealer brush, you can apply the powder foundation with precision just like you would do with a concealer. If you need more coverage or wish to cover flaws on your skin better, you should try Alima’s powder concealer.

You can use the mineral makeup base as it is, or together with a base or finishing powder to achieve a finish that suits the needs of your skin. You can fix your makeup and make it last longer by spraying some fine toner on it. For example, May Lindstrom Skin’s wonderful Jasmine Garden is perfect for this. 

Alima Pure Shades