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About Us

About us

What is Jolie?

Jolie is a Helsinki-based, originally Paris-inspired brand and home of natural health and beauty. Jolie is known for exceptionally good and uncompromising eco-certified natural cosmetics. At Jolie, we value quality and luxury – with a hint of Parisian elegance.

Jolie is French and means pretty, nice, charming, wonderful, beautiful, and other synonyms describing all the different nuances of beauty. Jolie beauty is diverse and compassionate. Jolie’s goal is to bring that speciality to the spotlight that too many women forget they represent.

Our brilliant Jolie team shares a mutual vision of the power of the feminine, sustainable and global work, community and lifestyle. We believe in creativity, intuition, authenticity and transparency.

Jolie takes care of its customers with love, tailored to your individual needs, and gives a special guarantee of blissful energy topped with a 100% promise of purity and high quality.

Our story

Jolie was born of the need and desire to cherish and inspire a better, healthier, ethical, ecological and more beautiful lifestyle. Jolie wanted to provide selective, 100% pure and effective natural cosmetics in one place.

The company was founded by four friends in 2012, and it quickly became a natural cosmetics sensation in Finland. Customers fell in love with the unique concept and high-quality product range. Since then Jolie has grown up and become – if we may bashfully boast – an unusually magnificent success. Currently, Jolie is the largest natural cosmetics house in Finland, a pioneer in beauty and well-being that is known for its exceptionally good and uncompromising genuine natural cosmetics.

Natural cosmetic friends all over the world deserve the opportunity to explore Jolie. We highly respect all of our customers and wish everyone a loving and caring welcome.

Our promise

We offer only the highest quality natural cosmetics brands. Our mission is to respect our customers and the environment. We are socially and ecologically responsible and always look for the products that provide real value to the consumer.

We do not offer an organic lifestyle and natural cosmetics only as one option. Instead, we want to act as a pioneer whose main value is 100% natural beauty. Our products never contain plastics or any harmful contaminants.




Jolie Team

Inspiring Jolie Team is here for you! We work with a sincere passion and love. We want to serve and help you as best as we can. Meet our gorgeous Jolie family:

Molla, Co-Founder, Brand Director

Emmi, Partner, Product Manager

Julia, Marketing Coordinator

Hanne, Key Account Manager