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Sweet & Safe kisses
My body, my temple

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The world is full of people who want to use perfume! Who wouldn’t want to put on a beautiful smell that suited his or her personality? With their elegant bottles and refined brands, perfumes are among the most famous icons of synthetic cosmetics, but at the same time, they contain considerable amounts of chemicals.
Jolie's product manager Emmi is an authority, and that is why she gets her very own speech regarding the listing of favourite products and Christmas gift tips. Emmi knows Jolie's collection the best, so now it's time to hear her out!
The Sweet & Safe Kiss lipsticks and lip sorbets are, in the traditional Absolution way, made from the best ingredients. When you get the lipstick on your hand or put some of that colour on a brush or directly on your lips, you notice it at once. Now we’re in Paris, ladies! Its colours glow so powerfully, and its case sends such a signal that it really speaks for itself. You recognise it suddenly in your nose as a nuanced scent of the city, you see that yellow light as a dancing mirage, and you suddenly feel like some of that very good sparkling wine.

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