INARI Arctic Beauty
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We have already introduced you to a favourite among the Jolie team and our regular customers. The last to be introduced today is the latest addition to the range, launched this spring. Patyka Dark Spot Correcting Serum is the newest product in the entire Patyka range: a serum designed to repair and prevent pigment changes which also shines as a Cinderella product that effectively moisturizes the skin.
A newcomer in the Jolie selection, pure and natural INARI Arctic Beauty is a combination of German-Finnish perfectionism, tech skills and Lappish natural resources. Inspired by Korean beauty trends, the textures are perfect and exactly how they should be in modern cosmetics: fine, light, hydrating, luxurious, effective and well absorbent. The best features of K-Beauty in clean, northern forces of nature.
Those using organic cosmetics are often trying to solve a problem. Our customers often tell us that they have sensitive skin that reacts easily. They look into natural cosmetics to find help after products from the pharmacy, drugs or synthetic products have either failed to bring help or don’t feel good on their skin. Then we introduce them to Pai Skincare – and the eternal love story starts from the first touch.

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