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As the summer comes closer, it is time to raise Alima Pure’s makeup base in its worthy place. Our team favourite Satin Matte Foundation is the product of the month in April. Nearly everyone who has tested it likes it. We daily surprise also those customers who haven’t been closest friends to mineral makeup before. There is no one in the Jolie team regardless of skin type who wouldn’t use Satin Matte Foundation regularly, which is a clear sign of its excellence. Not a single other product causes the same kind of agreement in our team which nowadays has grown quite big already.  This makeup base has 2000 customer reviews in Alima Pure’s US webshop – and a full five stars. Next, a few reasons why. 

Everybody knows how important sleeping is for our skin and an overall state of mind. We scouted our selection and looked for the perfect products for the time after 10 o’clock news. They prepare your skin and you for a good night sleep and do the magic while you dream.

One of this year’s most important (organic) cosmetics launches is here! A French pioneer of organic cosmetics, Patyka, has launched three new product lines = nine entirely new products! The new products’ amazing price-quality ratio will make it easy to take the first step to try out organic cosmetics.

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