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The topic of antioxidants in food has been discussed for a long time and at great length. Amidst the debate, it has been recommended that we eat plenty of colourful vegetables, and from time to time, riding on the coattails of antioxidants, red wine and dark chocolate also draw praise as health-promoting treats. What’s the real story, and how are antioxidants linked to skincare?
If the season of high humidity causes unwanted oiliness to your skin, you should try the lightweight Iroisie creams. They give great value for your money and are perfect moisturisers for the autumn breeze. Iroisie creams contain algae that treat sun damage and rehydrate skin, without feeling greasy. They improve the skin’s resilience and adaptability, as well as boosting its inbuilt protective barrier. They can be recommended for skin that reacts easily because their soothing properties will restore its balance. All Iroisie creams boast the same consistency, which is deeply moisturising and pleasantly light, without being at all greasy or oily.
Jolie’s brief guide to balms will help you choose the best balm in natural cosmetics for the season change. Particularly ageing skin benefits from balms, but the right dose of the right kind of balm is also perfect for young skin and different skin types. Balms are multipurpose products that go a long way and can be paired with water-based moisturisers in the summer and winter. The drier the skin, the more important it is to make sure that it receives nutrition and good-quality oil – a balm is the answer.

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